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Mr. Lv Shun Bo

Title: Senior Engineer (Vice President)
Brief: Ph.D Of Engineering, Major in Industry Analysis.
     Takes more than 10years experience in the aspect of
R&D of urine test strips. He has been the employee
Of DIRUI where he successful synthesized the regent
Of Nitrite. He was also the director of Production Dept.
When he served Changchun Yida (a leading manufacturer
Of urine test strips and reader).

Mr. Zheng Zhao Gang

Title: Senior Engineer (Director of Machinery Division)
Brief: Master of Engineering, Major in Electronics in
     Jilin University China. He takes 8years experience in
     R&D of urine analyzer. He also has been the machinery
     Manager of Changchun Yida and Jilin Yida (two leading
     Manufacturer of urine test strips and reader.

Ms. Ju Hai Yan

Title: Registered Pharmacist (Director of Q.C)
Brief: Master of Pharmacy , Major in Pharmacy.
     Graduated from Shenyang Medical College .
     She takes 15years experience in the administration
     Of GMP and GSP .

Ms. Lv Xiao Min

Title: Director of Production Division

Brief: Bachelor of Engineering, Major in Industry Analysis

     7 years experience in the administration of production

     Of reagent.

Ms.Hu Ya Xian

Title: Senior Analyst
Brief: Bachelor of Medical Analyst
     She’s in charge of administrate of
     ISO9001 and CE .

Ms. Jiang Xiu Fang

Title: Head of Inspection Division
Brief: Bachelor of Engineering, Major in Industry Analysis
     6 years experience in the aspect of inspection of
     Urine test strips.

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